Diploma in 3D Animation and Visual Effects


About the Course

This 1-year course provides understating of how images, symbols, words and letters can be used as effective means of communication to portray an appropriate message. The world around us is full of rich, multimedia content, brands, advertising, design elements etc. Whether its newspaper ad, or a website, all of them are elements of multimedia are created by a graphics or web designer. While graphic designers create logos, brand identity, presentations & other rich multimedia content, web designers use design principles to create user-friendly websites. Students acquire simple to impressive design techniques and the ability to focus on goal oriented and user centric designs. Students will be able to design websites using appropriate security principles, focusing specifically on the vulnerabilities inherent in common web implementations. You can learn the following modules of 3D animation:


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Special Category – Women, Spouse/children of defense or police personnel who had laid their life in action, all citizens with more than 50% disability, a person who have received national honors(Civilian/Defense/Police/Sports/Bravery) citizens who had represented India in arts, sports and science domains, and transgender. (Documentary Proof is Required)

Special Category – All courses up to and including six months duration.

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