Trivandrum, Kerala

About Us

Kerala State Rutronix, set up by Government of Kerala in 1990 under the administrative control of Industries & Commerce Department, has been empowering the youth, especially women, through the usage of modern technology, affordable computer education and employmentoriented IT based training programmes. KERALA STATE RUTRONIX has reached its presence throughout the State and has established a unique identity of its own. It has implemented several software projects for several public sector organizations under the Government of India and the State Government, as well as forinternational agencies like the W.H.0.

As part of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of our State and with the aim of empowering women through modern technology, Kerala State Rutronix had launched and successfully implemented programmes in software technology to provide 'Employment Oriented Computer Training at Affordable Cost to All' In its second phase, Kerala State Rutronix launched the Multimedia programme to meet the industry demand in multimedia sector and with the objective of meeting the requirements of enterprises from local resources, while improving the skill-sets of trained manpower and to raise their earning capacity. As part of the third phase, KERALA STATE RUTRONIX introduced the Hardware based programmes.

Kerala State Rutronix has been pursuing the “Latest & Trending Technology Developments”, with a centralized and disciplined "Monitoring & Resolution System" in multi-disciplined IT based domains. Our education system is equipped with academic & activity-based training methodologies that are on par with constantly changing global standards and persistently upgraded industrial requirements.


empowerment and transformation through education

We have been pursuing the vision of inclusive growth, by empowering our State's competent workforce through multiple avenues to develop professional Skills.

  • State Level Computer Education

    The State-level job-oriented computer education scheme empowers every strata of our younger generation - specifically with upliftment of the women,  economically deprived sections and the backward classes demography.

  • Govt. Institutional Training

    Aims to uphold the quality of governance in public service and pursuit of excellence in state welfare, by transforming government employees, agencies and organizations into committed, skilled and competent official cadres.

  • Edu-Skilling School & Colleges

    Imparts art, commerce & technology related skill development courses at schools and colleges, by collaborating with educational institutions in reviewing their curricula, and deploying student-specific training needs.